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An awareness campaign on children’s right.

UNICEF in partnership with “ mwana tsiwamdzima” launched an awareness campaign to protect children’s right and to end violence against children .
The aim is to inform children’s rights and how to deal with a child which has been abused .
“We need the involvement of all, judges, teachers, lawyers, doctors, religious teachers , citizens to put an end on this matter” said the president of “ Mwana Tsi Wa Mdzima” Najda Said Abdallah.
Over the year , rape cases have increased , according to Unicef. « Since the beginning of 2020, the record of Ngazidja’s listening service is nearly 197 victims of violence, including 165 victims of sexual violence, mostly girls whose age is between 11 to 17. Several anti-violence actors took part in the meeting to plead with decision-makers to take into account a specific programme for children with disabilities as well

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