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Cases are now decrasing in Ngazidja as well

Yesterday, the hospital in Samba had only 23 patients compared to a hundred last week.
The epidemic is stabilizing. This is what we learned from these medical doctors based in Samba, the main care site in Ngazidja. Indeed, on February 10th at 3 p.m., the care center had only 23 patients, 6 of whom were in intensive care, compared to 70 to 80 the previous week. This finding proves, if necessary, that the restrictive measures decided by the government only two weeks ago bear the rewards. At the end of last week, health minister Loub Yacouti Athoumani insisted in inter-ministerial council on the prevention of the fight against this pandemic. According to her, improvements have already been observed in the Bambao Mtsanga hospitals in Anjouan, and Samba in Ngazidja. « We have fewer patients in the centres. All in all, this second wave is more devastating than the first. That’s why we need to continue all types of prevention, » she said.

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