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CRC calls for a constructive opposition in the country

CRC calls for a constructive opposition in the country
In front of the press last Friday, the executives of the Crc, in their headquarters deplored “the attitude of the opposition” which called the population to boycott the Head of State. For the speakers, “this is outrageous and undemocratic”. The Crc thus calls for « a constructive opposition », to respect the principles of democracy and not to allow anarchy in the country .

The Convention for the Renewal of the Comoros (Crc) invited the press on Friday to « reframe certain remarks made by certain members of the opposition » last Thursday. Introducing the subject of the conference, the Director of Financial Affairs at the Ministry of Finance, Abdou Salam Halidi, deplored “the attitude of the opposition” which is not, according to him, “constructive”, but “ characterized only by hatred and thirst for power ”.
Thus, he will insist on showing that the Crc did not invite the press « to respond to the opposition but to reframe the opposition ». “Our response to the opposition would be the concrete achievements of the government, in particular the construction of the El-Maarouf hospital, the construction and rehabilitation of road infrastructure, the Comoros emerging plan, projects to fight against unemployment through projects of ‘jobs launched, among others ”, he stressed.
For his part, the Deputy Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry also denounced the opposition’s remarks calling on all localities to boycott the head of state when he goes to their cities . « I want to show that it is not democratic, nor elegant to say it », declared Saïd Maoulana Mohamed who specifies that Azali Assoumani is the head of state and that he will lead the country until 2024 unlike to what is advanced here and there by the opposition. “How can we not accept that Azali Assoumani is elected through the 2018 constitution, while they themselves took part in these elections?” .For him, the question of 2021 is a « false debate » which does not need to be because there is an adopted constitution.
In turn, Sogecom’s managing director, Soilihi Abdou Matassa, addressed the issue of the Fomboni Accords demanded by the opposition. For him, it was not Azali Assoumani and the Crc who buried these Accords. “These agreements were ratified in 2001 and Azali Assoumani was elected in 2002 through a constitution resulting from these agreements with a mandate of 4 years. He passed the hand in 2006 as written by the constitution. Sambi came to power, he changed the constitution and passed another one that gave him a 5-year term, with a third vice-president.

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