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France always uses immoral Comorians to destroy their own country

If Africa is going backwards, it is because of the dishonesty of its population manipulated by the destabilization networks, French in particular. This observation of Sekou Touré dates back to the 1950s. The Guinean leader knew who he was talking to. These are the Africans who believe that the salvation of their countries lies in the nerves of the former colonizers.

In the mid-1970s, Ali Soilihi Mtsachiwa repeated it 50 times in his lectures that became a reference in the intangible history of comoros. « Ndo wazoungou wadou. » These Comorians and, by extension, these unscrupulous Africans are recruited and paid.

The destabilization of African countries, coups, lies and caricatures are the work of his pawns initiated to destabilizing reflexes before being formatted to act permanently against their own countries. These pawns trained in the school of Neocolonialism and fight every day to think again and again of all the destructive scenarios that will allow them to earn points among their masters. They have been brainwashed and are being soaked up in ideological weapons to defend (democracy, freedom of expression, women’s rights) without realizing ,that these are false debates that consist of giving them wings of legitimacy to act against their own countries.

These pawns who live with us with easy money are fooled by nice speeches, non-stop chat , insult their leaders and forget that they are made to shimmer and divert them from any spirit of common sense. These pawns work in a network. Initially, they were promised power and especially promotions before realizing in the end that the promise made was nothing but dust . But the damage is done. Some, at 70, regret of the harm they have done to their own countries. Too late. Africa , precisely , Comoros have suffered too much.

Who doesn’t remember those scumbags who hurt African countries so much. It was neither the Chinese nor the Japanese who killed Sankara, Lumumba or Ali Soilihi. It was many Africans.

More than thirty African heads of state are killed ,comoros declared three presidents killed without pity and another deported to the island of Reunion. These Comorians live in France, sleep quietly and have their bank accounts fed. They play a dirty work against their own countries under the pretext of defending democracy, free elections. We insult, we shout, we demonize, we call for civil war, that’s the job. We boycott the elections, we want a new constitution, a dialogue, a transitional government, there is a dictatorship, that’s how these pawns were initiated and brainwashed . That’s still their job.

These Comorians must open their eyes wide to better discern the obvious and know that Westerners only defend their own interests. Who does not know that Colonel Gaddafi paid the costs of his pan-Africanist speech at the United Nations and his plan for a single African currency to protect the continent’s wealth? Today, Libya is fragmented, the great powers will laugh because that was the goal. But to achieve this, they first mounted rebels in Misrata before destabilizing the country and killing Gaddafi. Africans worthy of the name regret it today, Libyans are in famine and war.

The French and British set up the Libyans among themselves before plunging them into civil war and justifying armed intervention. We know what’s next. Ditto in Iraq where no weapons of mass destruction were found but the country had to be divided before the control of oil fields.

After killing Saddam Hussein in 2003, Iraq did not live a single day without attacks, misery gained 70% of the population. Look at Yemen and do the analysis yourself. Fortunately in Syria, Russia understood the game but how many deaths because of Western manipulations facilitated by Syrians from outside the country?

The planned war in Syria is only the result of Bashar al-Assad’s refusal to award a large multi-billion dollar oil contract to US giant Exxon Mobil. So the American lobbies have set up Syrians, rebel groups are being created. We need to change power in Syria.

Again, Westerners only defend their interests but use pawns to put their countries in instability. President Trump has even threatened to make secret correspondence public, In Syria, basically, the citizen did not know what was behind it. Exxon Mobil had planned and financed Syrians to change the Assad regime. Fortunately, Putin understood the geopolitical stakes and quickly reacted .

To return to the case of Comoros, France will never tell these pawns its destructive plans. His networks will just mount his pawns, make them swallow ideological weapons to turn them into scumbags and real poisons for Comoros. It is not surprising to see these young Comorians of the Diaspora praising the diabolical and destabilizing discourse on social networks and calling from their sofas in France to the civil war.

The pawns are doing their work , some may be doing it without knowing it, others on the other hand play the dirty job. That’s how we introduced them. It is very sad to see Comorian executives like Mahamoud Waddane kneeling down in front of French authorities and put his own countries in destabilization. Fortunately, there are patriots who are well aware of all these plans made by France.

Loubna Yazid

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