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Islamic Finance in comoros from march 2021.

Islamic finance begun to take root in the country. Soon, the system will be included among the financing methods to be implemented at the level of banks and financial institutions of the country. The subject was discussed yesterday at the Central Bank of Comoros between international and national experts, but also representatives of all the banks of the square and the University of Comoros.
The Governor of the Central Bank of Comoros invited the press yesterday, Thursday 14th January, in the afternoon, to take stock of the workshop organized during the day to reflect on the materialisation of Islamic finance in Comoros.
« The aim of the workshop is to reflect together with the experts sent on the spot on the Islamic finance system. You know very well that the Central Bank has been studying ways and means of setting up another way of doing credit, which will help the majority of the population, » said Younoussa Imani,

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