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Ministry of Finance: 2021 budget and its news projections

The Minister of Finance lays out the major news of the 2021 budget which is under examination in the National Assembly and reaffirms that of the Head of State is willing to support public investment . Said Ali Said Chayhane wants to make 2021 , a start-up year of cash registers, these new devices will allow the state to improve the collection of taxes and the consumption tax in particular.
“ After two crises: the Kenneth crisis and the Covi-19 crisis. We had to revise our annual budget projections and review the finance law .” declared the ministry of finance .
It must also be said that in terms of form, we worked together with Afritac South of the International Monetary Fund in terms of form. This means that the form we have adopted this year is in line with the standards recommended by the International Monetary Fund . Basically, we took into account the Public Investment Plan (Pip), which was not the case in 2020. “These are instruments that have allowed us to better take public investment into account. What is new is that we now have a framework document that has allowed us to work and make projections close to the expected objectives.

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