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The national anti-drug network in Mohéli

The leaders of the National Anti-Drug Network had gathered with the authorities of the island to raise awareness regarding of the disadvantages of the usage of drugs. The mayors and village leaders were all invited to talk about the issue of usage of drugs in our country and its disadvantages and how to fight with the usage of all kinds of narcotics.
Elhad, president of the network elaborated the different ways in which these narcotics are used mainly by young people and Yssouf Said, the secretary general of the network, explained back and forth the different categories of drugs used in our country, their consequences and their origins.
« Cannabis is the first known narcotic in our country. But currently, all categories are found on our islands, from heroin to chemical drugs, he says, adding that « 167 young people in our country use heroin as a drug. And worst of all, foreigners are coming to Comoros to buy it.

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