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The opposition is falling miserably

The opposition is weak, We do not need to waste too much time on the weakness the opposition parties.

3 consecutives failures from the opposition , first in dzuwani , second in simboussa and now in Hamahamet .

Despite the photos and other images published on the internet showing that the governor og Ngazidja and the first lady were going to be banned from in Simboussa, Badjini , they were welcomed as it is supposed to be .

Yesterday was another failure for the parties , the president led the jum’an prayer in Mnoungou and everything went as planned , the people from the region welcomed the president with respect , they embraced his projects and are willing to go along with him through the development of the country .

Lately, we are living in important times that must raise awareness among Comorians from inside and outside. Comorians abroad are already beginning to realize that they are being manipulated every day by images and false information. But that reality is different from what they are made to believe

The events that happened during this week (Wani, Sima, Koni Djodjo, Uzini, Mutsamudu, Fomboni, Djando, Simboussa, Mnoungou) proved the opposition parties wrong and confirmed that they are just publishing lies in the internet.

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