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Tour of the Head of State in Ndzuani I Entrepreneurship-Youth,

Tour of the Head of State in Ndzuani I Entrepreneurship-Youth, Infrastructure, Peace and Cohesion between Comorians
In front of young people in Dar-Nadjah, the President of the Republic heard the voice of young people and the challenges that the chamber of commerce wishes to raise. In Sima, Azali Assoumani responded to an invitation from the people of the Shissiwani region gathered in Sima. The President is expected to visit Koni-Djodjo and Uzini on Friday before travelling to Mwali where he will take part in the official international food day ceremony.

The head of state, Azali Assoumani, took part yesterday morning in a large rally in Dar-nadjah dedicated to the « Employment Facility » project launched by his government, which should enable young Comorians to access financing and resume productive activities. Binti Ankili Katada, a young student from the University of Comoros, drew the attention of the audience by talking about the role of youth in the country’s development.

« Today’s young Comorians have understood the way the world works, we have understood how countries are developing. We Comorian students have understood that Public Service is not the solution because it is full. Now let’s think about starting our own businesses through our professional training. »

The president of Ndzuani Chamber of Commerce, Mohamed Soyad, introduced a young entrepreneur known as Mohamed Elamine. He presented an example of yoghurt made from locally grown fruit. Mohamed Elamine nevertheless deplores the « lack of financial support » on the part of the State.
the head of state visited Sima in the afternoon. The President was responding to « an invitation from the inhabitants of this region » but he took the opportunity to raise awareness among the young people of the region about the projects being dedicated to them. However, during the ceremony, the Head of State stressed the urgent need to strengthen social cohesion and promote peace in the country.

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